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              Product Service


                      鞍鋼印度公司于2009年成立,注冊地址S 327,Great Kalish II, New Delhi,經營范圍為鋼鐵產品進出口、原料進出口、備品備件及機械產品進出口以及項目承包。通過鞍鋼印度公司的努力,鞍鋼與Welspun,Jindal Saw,Man Industries等制管廠以及Ashok Leyland, Mahindra & Mahindra 等汽車廠保持了長期的合作,2015年鞍鋼熱軋卷、厚板以及線材等鋼鐵產品在印度銷售量約 40萬噸,為中國鋼廠出口印度量排名第一。

                     手機:+91 9717583367
                     電話:+91 124 4254294
                     傳真:+91 124 4254294
                      Angang India Steel Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2009 and registered address is S 327,Great Kalish II, New Delhi. The scope of business of Angang India Steel Pvt. Ltd. are import and export of steel products, raw material, spare parts and mechanical products as well as contracting project. Through the efforts of Angang India Steel Pvt. Ltd., Angang Group has established long term relationship with the pipe makers such as Welspun, Jindal Saw and Man Industries, automobile makers such as Ashok Leyland, Mahindra & Mahindra. The volume of sales of Angang steel products such as HRC, HRP and Wire rod is around 400,000 MT in the year of 2015 in India market, ranked the first place among Chinese steel Mills.
                      Angang India Steel Pvt. Ltd. hope to establish the long term relationship with the customer related in the said field of the business, based Win-Win strategy.
                      Contact person: Mr. Zhang Qi
                      Mobile:+91 9717583367
                      Tel:+91 124 4254294
                      Fax:+91 124 4254294

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